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Melinda J. Kelly

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Is this you?

You have been sailing along through life.  Work, family, friends – all seem to be going well.  But deep inside, something is off. You argue with yourself that everything is fine, because, well, as you look about, it is.  You’ve done everything ‘right.’ People admire, even envy your life. But still, you are not 100%. There is a sense of something missing.  Something is off. You aren’t ok.

Call it a mid-life crisis.  Call it the crossroads. Call it career fatigue.  Call it fear.

It happens.

The difference now is what you do when this does happen?

There are many things we can do on our own.  There are many things we can learn to do on our own. But sometimes you need to appreciate you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Too often we don’t see where we are, who we are, or what it is that we are not happy about. We blame other things or people or work or traffic or the dog.

It can be anyone or anything.  It’s because we are lost.

More, we know we are because this isn’t us.  This isn’t who we are or think we are. We are not these unhappy people.  We don’t like being annoyed by everything.

We want to get back to who we are.  To the people, we like being and doing the things with family and friends that we used to do

That’s why you reach out to someone to help you find out where you are and what direction you want to go in.

I’ve been where you are and I can help you overcome the questions arising.

That is why you work with me.  To get your clarity. To see what it is that you see as a priority.  To set your course for your life.

I found myself in your shoes.  I fought with myself about changing course from what I had always done to what I had always wanted to do.

It doesn’t mean it will be easy.  It doesn’t mean it will be hard. What it means is you can go on your own and take a long time (and miss out on a lot of happiness and times) or you can ask for help and get to your answers, your questions, your new direction quicker, without lost time.

It doesn’t always mean change.  It can be figuring out how you got off track, and how to get you back on.  It can be realizing when you stopped doing something that was meaningful and why you did.  Is it time to re-engage? It can be looking at what your priorities and beliefs are and seeing what still resonates and serves you.

Change is not always huge and cataclysmic.  Sometimes it is small, smart, and well placed.

Life is too short…



…to not enjoy every moment of it.  It is natural to have questions and doubts.  What is not ok is to let those questions and doubts alter the joy and flow of your life. 

Often it is fine-tuning to put your life back in perspective.

That is why my programs are geared to three-month increments, with your choice of how intense you want the engagement to be.

Group Program

My group calls are small in size, allowing for the common themes within our lives to be discussed, defined and decided in an open non-judgmental forum.  Two monthly calls one hour long in addition to two half-hour calls during the program.  

One on One Coaching

One on one coaching is the more traditional way to coach. It is direct, honest and open. It allows specialized attention to the original issues presenting, and then how to implement your desired outcomes. It combines one on one calls or meetings, with email during the program. It also includes two follow-up calls to make see your progress.

Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within

Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within goes to the core work of mine. Knowing who we are allows us the freedom to be our best selves and our most honest selves, with both ourselves and others.  The online course provides a digital copy of the book Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within, access to the online program, access to the private Facebook group Finding Your Coach, and a monthly one hour call on the program.

How we can work together

Life is too short to spend it lost and wandering.  Get back to enjoying your life.


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