Should I?

Something I have been working on is accepting that just because I can, should I?

Sounds funny but it reveals a bigger issue than talent or ability.  It gets to a real issue of trust, time management, accurate view of ourselves or abilities.

Who knew?

I kid, but not really.  As all of our worlds have expanded, the demands for us to learn more, do more, achieve more, have also increased.  Most of us don’t think twice about it. We add to our already too long list and somehow find the time to learn, do, or achieve.  We get it done. Perhaps not perfectly, but we get it done enough to take care of what needs to be done. We do that for as long as we can until we reach the task that we could figure it out, but it is going to take more time than we can give it, more resources than we care to spend in time or money, and worst of all, isn’t something we even enjoy doing.

But we have committed to the cause – either to ourselves or to others.

And this is our moment of truth.

This is our moment to take a big breath and take the time to ask all those questions we have put on hold or ignored or pretended weren’t lurking beneath the surface.  What questions? you ask. Well, here are the first ones that come to my mind.

Do we take care of ourselves?  Do we take care of the expectations of others?  Do we look at our tendencies to overextend ourselves?  Do we look at how our need to be in charge or control the situation or message is taking time from our lives perhaps more than enriching it?  Do we believe that someone else can do it as well as we do? Do we fear someone could do it better and then we might not be necessary? Do we do things to be liked and wonder if we don’t would we still have value?  Do we do this to keep us occupied so we don’t look at the bigger questions in our lives? Do we have to push ourselves in order to get things done? Do we keep ourselves constantly busy to avoid things and people in our lives?

We never really stop learning, but the question perhaps needs to see through that which nurtures and sustains us.  The question needs to be seen through the filter of where are our genuine talents, and perhaps using those will be more fulfilling than doing something we feel we have to.  That accepting we have things we do fabulously and things we really should have or let other people do can free us up to do that which we do best. That it is ok to not do everything, and it is ok to not want to do everything, nor do you, I or we have to do everything.  Perhaps it is time to see that which is important to us, see what it is we are willing to give time to or give time up for and appreciate the talents and abilities that we have and are effortless.

That way we can appreciate all the talents and abilities that complement ours, and perhaps find time for ourselves once again.

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