Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

I am so very thankful for the friendships in my life.  I believe most of us feel the same way. It seems to me to be an exercise in futility to remember the moment a friendship clicked.  We might remember when we met, or where we met, but as we leave childhood, the instantaneous nature of friendship changes slightly.

I still have my childhood friend as one of my best friends.  There is a simplicity in conversation. You never need to explain why something makes you crazy because they were with you the first time it made you crazy.  I have friends from high school, although some of those friendships have been on, then off, then on again as life took us in differing directions. The rediscovery of one another was all the sweeter as the promise of who we were to be, became who we now are.  I have friends from college and we laugh that as such young clueless souls we met one another and began relationships that have survived lives challenges through the decades, and thrived.

Through the years volunteer experiences have brought new people into my life and our shared vision has brought us together, first saving the world, then as friends.  I have had neighbors who, believe it or not, are dear friends. The relationship may have begun through convenience, but has sustained through moves both near and far.  I have discovered kindred spirits from my time dancing, and while I haven’t done that style dancing in a while, it is always clear they would love to have me come and watch and just be there.

One of the things I love most about my friends is that when I have some sort of event and they all come, they all genuinely enjoy one another.  It feels magic! It is magic.

What it says to me is that all these relationships have grown through the years.  It says to me that I am honest and open and real in my time with people. It says that I seem to find people that while we may disagree politically, or practice different religions, or follow different diet and exercise plans, what is at the core of our friendship is a genuine respect, affection and love that has grown, changed, and reflected who we were, are and are becoming as we go through life.

Friendships are both easy and difficult.  I don’t mean to sound facetious, only true.  Friendship at their best doesn’t require daily phone calls or contact or emails.  They are how hearts, spirits, and authentic selves connect. If you have that as part of your day it is an absolute bonus.  Friendships reflect who we are. We circle ourselves with people we like, like who they are, what they do, how we relate. When we constantly are adding to that lovely list, it lets us know we are continuing to fully engage in the dance of life.  A new friend might not have the depth of relationship an older relationship has… yet. It might be a relationship for the time, the mission at hand, or you might be fortunate to find someone to add to your life. Friendship shows that we are continuing to grow, change, engage, reflect, and express ourselves.  They let us know we are not becoming lost or stuck or limited.  

They let us know we are still in the joy and flow of life.

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