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Questions you might have

Why do you work with a Coach?

There are many things we can do on our own.  And prior to working with a coach, any coach, I would imagine you have already done a fair amount of education and research, yet still, you have questions.  We work with a coach primarily because we don’t have the distance to see our lives in their fullness.  

Our accidental self-limits, limit ourselves.

What should I expect working with a Coach?

When working with a coach you have someone to listen, reflect, and be your advocate to help you get your best answers for where you want to go.  They are listening to see if you are asking the questions to get you where you want to be. The process is YOU driven.

Our accidental self-limits, limit ourselves.

How long do you work with a Coach?

That varies on how ‘on’ your project you are.  You might start and then discover you now have another area to work in or with.  Coaching is not therapy, although there may be moments of self-truths that feel that way.  Coaching is a discussion, consultation, conferring, with a focus specifically on you, your hopes, your goals and your dreams.  Coaching has a desired outcome or direction. The choice to continue is always with you.

How do I know my Coach is a good fit?

This is so very important.  Listen to yourself, to your heart, to your intuition.  Are you being heard? Are they listening to what you are saying verbally but also what you are hinting towards in your hopes?  Are you ready to work with someone? Are you aware of your trust issues? Is your reticence stemming from fear, excitement, or change?  The same with your wanting to jump right on in. These are all things to discuss in addition to process, programs and desired outcomes.

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