The capricious nature of nature

The capricious nature of nature

No matter where you live, nature is a part of your life.

I live in the land of fire, flood, shake, bake.  Knowing that for no reason, at any moment, you might be relocating or redecorating is not necessarily a bad thing.

Oh.  I have a ton of ‘stuff’ I don’t want to lose.  I have the family history photos in the garage in a box.  I have my grandmother’s china and the oil painting of my mother.  I would prefer to not lose any of them, but the reality is a plate will break.  I won’t know some people in the photos. And the painting might have trouble finding a wall big enough.

When push comes to shove, when downsizing becomes a question, the only true treasures are the moments spent, the memories made, the times shared, the laughter ringing, the hugs that don’t want to end.

In our acquisition race to happiness, we sometimes forget what truly makes us happy.

A pretty dinner table without people at it is a storefront window.  Photos without names or context are decorations or store-bought art.  Family treasures without their provenance are gallery pieces.

Should you be confronted with ten minutes to grab everything in your life of value, I would hope that you would know to grab the essentials – pets, peoples, documents, computers; the necessary – clothes, medications, phone lists; and momentos – photos, heirlooms, and unique to your history.  The first allows you to move forward. The second is the replaceable items. The last are the tangible reminders of people, places, times, experiences. They are lovely, but the true treasures are the stories and memories you hold within.

I hope you never have the experience of having to choose what to take in ten minutes.  May I suggest you ask yourself what would you take if you were told to leave your home with everything you needed to in 10 minutes, life or death, no extra time.  It is an interesting experience to ask what do I need to take and what do I want to take and what can I take. I would hope you find it liberating.  

What you need, want, and can take with you, is already packed within your heart and mind.  

Where do I spend my time?

Where do I spend my time?

Where do I spend my time?

I looked down at my hands today and realized than in spite of all my best promises to myself, my manicure is still only half done.

Perhaps this is why I have lived with clear nail polish for most years of my life.

My hands are a reminder to me that in my life, too often, I fail to take that extra half hour for myself.

I am not quite perfect.  Nor do I wonder if I will achieve that status this time around either.  I am very human, and that is fine with me.

My manicure reminds me of my quirks.  It reminds me that while I would like perfectly done nails, I tend to lack the patience to sit still long enough for a professional manicure.  It reminds me that in my day and list of things to do, sometimes I still put my emphasis on task completion for professional goals over personal items.  It reminds me that within days my manicure will show the wear and tear of well-used hands. And those little chips and imperfections make me a tad crazy and wanting either a brand-new manicure or clear nails again.

My nails remind me that I can be quite hard on myself and that is not fitting, good or appropriate.  They remind me how something that can be a source of pride can also be a source of annoyance. They remind me to be kinder to myself, to know that as I am is pretty fabulous.  They remind me that I can be cavalier about my appearance and that is not fair to me or others, that taking care of myself every day is more than a spritz of perfume.

They remind me that my priorities should be me, the other stuff, and then the world.  

The Power of a Full Heart

The Power of a Full Heart

The Power of a Full Heart

Day by day, we encounter people, situations, or things that can annoy us.  It is just part of life. Would they were all as perfect as thee and me! ~!  

Life is full of annoyance. Aggravations.  Moments where life doesn’t go as we’d like.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or where you live, stuff happens.

What is of importance or value, to me, is how we recover from those moments of annoyance, disappointment, and let down.

I’m not saying to not register what has happened.  We need to remember that this might be an ‘empty cupboard’ for us so we don’t go back and disappoint ourselves or strain that relationship.  We need to ask ourselves if we are asking too much or asking for more than can be delivered? We need to ask ourselves how we want to respond after that first moment of disappointment and annoyance.

There are many ways to handle disappointment.  I prefer to remember the bruise but know I have healed.  I prefer to acknowledge that I have learned where to go and where to avoid.  I prefer to see that I have many ways of approaching and dealing with situations.  I prefer to see my possibilities rather than what has disappointed me.

I feel that too often we see our lives through a filter of lack.  When we see our lives through a filter of abundance, it becomes very interesting to see what we really do need, rather than want without understanding.  When we come to life with a full heart, we see that which we want to add to it, rather than wanting to grab at anything to fill the void. The power of a full heart is that we see what we have, and what we care to add to that.  The power of a full heart is it pushes the unhappiness away from our memories. The power of a full heart is it allows us to heal, to recover, and to learn. The power of a full heart is with understanding can come forgiveness, even without forgetting.

The power of a full heart is that we can move forward through life choosing that which serves us, releasing that which doesn’t, and allowing others to fall by the side when needed.  The power of a full heart is we can be our best.

The Unexpected Joy of Waiting

The Unexpected Joy of Waiting

The Unexpected Joy of Waiting

It seems you can’t go anywhere and not see people staring at something in their hands.  As vital as my device is to me, I still long for a time long gone when sitting and waiting meant something so very different than it does now.

It is probably a fair remark that none of us particularly like to wait.  We’ve all done it and after the first few minutes, we feel lost, forgotten, a million unhappy feelings.  It’s also probably why we are so excited to see the person we have been waiting for. Prior to smart devices, we would watch the world go by.  We would notice people coming and going in front of us. We would look at the fashion show before us, wondering how that would look on us or noticing everyone had short hair or beards or something we hadn’t taken in before.

We might notice the ballet of every work environment.  Every restaurant has a million moving parts that glide about one another without difficulty.  That’s why a dropped plate catches our attention so. It is out of the norm. It goes against the grain.  Yet think how many plates, cups and bowls come from the kitchen to tables and back without incident.

I discovered the joy of active waiting while waiting for the bus to get home from high school.  To give you a clue of the wait, often I would give up and walk the few miles home. But there were days I was tired and so I would wait.  I was a teenager, impressionable and curious. I am thankful for all of that. Waiting meant I had two choices – read for schoolwork or watch the world.  You can see my choice.

I watched my ‘street theatre.’  I saw loving relationships and something to aspire to.  I saw rude people and wanted to not be like them. I saw beautiful and clunky cars and wondered what kind of car I might drive or own as I got older.  I saw women dressed to the heights of fashion and wondered if I could ever be that chic…. Or if I wanted to be that chic. I heard laughter in the air, excitement when people met.  I saw sadness on faces, resignation to life. I saw life in its fullness before me.

I don’t know if I realized it at the time, but I was choosing who I wanted to be at a time that was all about me and my growth.  I looked at life and said yes or no to the things that were who I want to be. I was allowed to be free from the media demand of conformity and was free to select what was me.

My downtime allowed me to choose who I wanted to be as I grew up.

Why bring it up now?  Most of us are past teenage years.

Because at any time we can choose to look at our lives and ask who it is we are and who we would like to be.

I’m not saying diet to the bone or change your hairstyle or go from glasses to contacts.  Although all of those are nice ways to take care of yourself if you are considering them.

I am saying if the spark in your life has dimmed, what catches your eye when you quietly watch your own street theatre.  Notice what brings out longings when you see magazines or books or movies or television shows. Notice when a song or phrase in it brings you to an emotional moment.  Your own self is politely saying it might be time to look at what is going on with your life. Your own self might politely be saying all is ok, but it is ok to have more.  Your own self might be politely saying it is time to review all in your life and how it serves you.

You can practice the unexpected joy of waiting anywhere.  It makes the wait so much more fun when we aren’t annoyed but on our own field trip of life.  See what surprises you. Makes you laugh. Catches your breath. And appreciate the fullness of your emotional life.

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

I am so very thankful for the friendships in my life.  I believe most of us feel the same way. It seems to me to be an exercise in futility to remember the moment a friendship clicked.  We might remember when we met, or where we met, but as we leave childhood, the instantaneous nature of friendship changes slightly.

I still have my childhood friend as one of my best friends.  There is a simplicity in conversation. You never need to explain why something makes you crazy because they were with you the first time it made you crazy.  I have friends from high school, although some of those friendships have been on, then off, then on again as life took us in differing directions. The rediscovery of one another was all the sweeter as the promise of who we were to be, became who we now are.  I have friends from college and we laugh that as such young clueless souls we met one another and began relationships that have survived lives challenges through the decades, and thrived.

Through the years volunteer experiences have brought new people into my life and our shared vision has brought us together, first saving the world, then as friends.  I have had neighbors who, believe it or not, are dear friends. The relationship may have begun through convenience, but has sustained through moves both near and far.  I have discovered kindred spirits from my time dancing, and while I haven’t done that style dancing in a while, it is always clear they would love to have me come and watch and just be there.

One of the things I love most about my friends is that when I have some sort of event and they all come, they all genuinely enjoy one another.  It feels magic! It is magic.

What it says to me is that all these relationships have grown through the years.  It says to me that I am honest and open and real in my time with people. It says that I seem to find people that while we may disagree politically, or practice different religions, or follow different diet and exercise plans, what is at the core of our friendship is a genuine respect, affection and love that has grown, changed, and reflected who we were, are and are becoming as we go through life.

Friendships are both easy and difficult.  I don’t mean to sound facetious, only true.  Friendship at their best doesn’t require daily phone calls or contact or emails.  They are how hearts, spirits, and authentic selves connect. If you have that as part of your day it is an absolute bonus.  Friendships reflect who we are. We circle ourselves with people we like, like who they are, what they do, how we relate. When we constantly are adding to that lovely list, it lets us know we are continuing to fully engage in the dance of life.  A new friend might not have the depth of relationship an older relationship has… yet. It might be a relationship for the time, the mission at hand, or you might be fortunate to find someone to add to your life. Friendship shows that we are continuing to grow, change, engage, reflect, and express ourselves.  They let us know we are not becoming lost or stuck or limited.  

They let us know we are still in the joy and flow of life.

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